A company that has several offices in different regions.

  • IP-PBX allows uniting the company’s telephone networks “transparently”, regardless of the current infrastructure of the telephone network.
  • A single numbering plan is being created within all the branches of the company.
  • At any time, the employee has the opportunity to check his voice mailbox being at home or on a business trip.
  • Your partners can call you to the office from around the world, without paying a penny, if they have an Internet connection.
  • The direct international number in your office. For example, you are engaged in the export of wine and wine materials, and you do not have your own branch in Moscow. However, you would like the residents of Moscow to dial a direct Moscow number (without paying for the call), and the phone would ring at your office in Chisinau. This service is called a direct international number. The cost of connection and the monthly fee depends on the country/region.
  • Savings on international calls. Due to the technologies of voice transmission over the Internet and IP-PBX IP telephony system, there is a possibility of significant savings on international calls. You directly go to the world operator VoIP market bypassing local prepaid phone cards companies. You get calls even lower.
  • The advantage for the telemarketing company – if you have a customer base that your operators call and offer a product or service. However, you may face with the unscrupulous work of the call-center operators who stop ringing customers when they can. If you implement the IP-PBX solution and program the station to automatically make calls to the customers and play the recorded offer with the possibility of further calling the operator by the customer or recording a voice message – this will reduce the lazy workers’ necessity. Alternatively, you can immediately connect the client to the free operator after the client responds. More your operators will not be bored.

Call Center

If you are an organization, and one of your goals is to manage calls (taxi service, information service, emergency service, trust service, …). You need to have a flexible system for responding and processing incoming calls (interception of a call, interference in a conversation). You want to be able to record all / selected conversations (automatically, based on any criteria, or on a command). You need a directory service for recorded conversations to quickly find and select the right one.

Ordinary office

If you are a small company and you have a staff of 5 people. You quickly cope with work and leave home early. But your partners continue to call you, but the calls remain unanswered and you will never know about it. Having installed the minimal configuration of the IP-PBX in the office, you can check your voice mail from the house by simply calling the office and dialing your account number and password. Perhaps you already have an office server that provides you with an Internet connection. IP-PBX software can be installed directly to your server, providing cheap and high-quality (without intermediaries) international communication, and also saving money for the purchase of additional equipment for IP-PBX. A low-budget solution with the ROI in a couple of months brings significant savings to your budget.


The purpose of IVR – is improving the quality of customer service. It’s naturally, that the desire of every calling client is to quickly get a clear answer to his question. The IVR system allows reducing waiting time in the queue for providing a service. Studies show that about 40% of the customer questions are simple enough and can be easily automated, while operators can focus on serving more complex customer requests. As a result of the simple questions automating, the connection time with the operator will be reduced and the number of subscribers who do not wait for an answer decreases. Using the IVR system allows you to serve customers around the clock without involving additional personnel for this purpose. In addition, IVR system is not exposed to “mood swings”, importunity of customers “does not irritate” it. If the client repeatedly asks the same question and repeatedly replies, IVR’s answers will not flash a note of irritation. It is also noticed that some clients, due to their shyness, prefer to communicate with the automatic system, rather than with the operator. The increase of the company’s revenue Transition to the round-the-clock mode of calls maintenance promotes the growth of the client base, which, accordingly, increases the company’s revenues. Also, there is the possibility of expanding the sales market by attracting subscribers from other time zones. Employees serving customers are freed from routine work and focus on more important issues. Increases the efficiency of staff. Decrease in overhead costs There is a very simple dependence: the use of the IVR system allows you to reduce staff and thus reduce the cost of salaries, renting a room, paying for telephone calls, purchasing and servicing additional equipment.

List of built-in functions:

  • Voice greeting;
  • The ability to switch to a specific manager by dialing its internal number;
  • Switching to the voice box, in the absence or business of the subscriber;
  • Fax auto-detection;
  • Intelligent menu with predefined information and navigation;
  • Switching to the operator (secretary) in the absence of any actions, or repeated erroneous entries;
  • Access to personal voice mailboxes from outside;
  • Different modes of operation depending on the time, the day of the week, etc.
  • Integration with Call Center, Fax Server.

Asterisk Fax Server

Asterisk Fax Server – is a solution for processing incoming faxes, which allows improving the quality of customer service.

Main characteristics of the system:

  • Processing of an incoming call according to the set scenario (additional dialing of an internal fax number or automatic switching to a fax);
  • Integration with the corporate email program;
  • Assigning to each user a personal fax number, all facsimile messages sent to this number automatically fall into the user’s mailbox;
  • The user can view the received fax on the computer screen using standard viewers;
  • All received fax messages can be printed;
  • Work with fax messages;
  • Each user of the system can have a personal, multi-channel fax number;
  • All fax messages sent to this number automatically go to the user’s mailbox;
  • You can send an unlimited number of simultaneous faxes to one number;

The user can view the received fax on the PC screen using standard MS Windows systems.

In the latter case, the message can be forwarded to the nearest fax machine, the number of which the user enters in the tone mode in response to the system invitation. Outgoing fax messages, if necessary, are accompanied by a voice comment “You are called by the enterprise … please take a fax for ….”. All received faxes can be automatically printed. Sending fax messages can be carried out according to a specified schedule. The user can send documents by fax from any Windows-based application, and also save the result in a fax format (TIFF) for later use.

System of statistics

The statistics system allows you to obtain information on the following parameters:

  • Keeping statistics of calls;
  • Line loading schedules;
  • The schedule of subscriber loading;
  • Sampling by incoming calls;
  • Sampling by operator;
  • Sample by department;

Creating the departments with inputting a group of numbers related to it.

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