It can be used both for connecting ordinary customers and for transferring voice traffic between several Asterisk servers. For pairing with “traditional telephony” there is analog (FXO, FXS) and digital expansion modules (E1, T1). With Asterisk, you can implement a project of any scale – from a simple home voicemail server to an enterprise telephone system with IVR functions (Interactive Voice Response).

List of features of Asterisk IP-PBX

  • Creation of a corporate network of the company (single internal number plan);
  • Integration of remote offices of the company (free calls between offices in different cities or countries);
  • Organization of telephony Call-center or telemarketing department;
  • Connecting direct international telephone numbers to your offices;
  • Installation of internal corporate phone for you and your employees at home;
  • Using Asterisk PBX VoIP phone system as an office PBX;
  • Voice mail services;
  • Auto attendant, interactive voice menu;
  • Receiving and sending faxes directly to the e-mail of the employee;
  • Intelligent IP-gateway, router (individual rights for each subscriber);
  • Conference server (up to 30 conference participants);
  • The choice of the operator of communication for each call (saving on calls);
  • Caller ID display on phone displays;
  • Integration between any types of PBX, IP-gateways and other telecommunications equipment (communication between analog, digital and IP-subscribers);
  • Integration with CRM and billing systems;
  • Authorization and access restriction (RADIUS support);

Asterisk IP-PBX includes many features that can only be found in very advanced call processing systems, for example:

  • Voice greeting;
  • The ability to switch to a specific manager by dialing his internal number;
  • Switching to the voice box, in the absence or business of the subscriber;
  • Fax auto-detection;
  • Intelligent menu with predefined information and navigation (IVR);
  • Switching to the operator (secretary) in the absence of any actions, or repeated erroneous entries;
  • Access to personal voice mailboxes from external networks;
  • Different modes of operation depending on the time, day of the week, etc.;
  • Connecting your remote employees to the office ATS, over broadband communication channels;
  • Your employees will be able to use voice mail, integrated with Web applications and E-mail;
  • Provides the ability to create interactive voice menus, to access subscribers, for example, with the sales service or with other divisions of the company;
  • Provides access to your corporate PBX for the employees on a business trip, connecting using the Internet from a hotel or airports where there are wireless WLAN access points;
  • Music-on-hold feature for subscribers waiting to be answered in the call queue is supported both streaming playback and playing MP3 music;
  • Call queues, where operators jointly respond to incoming calls and manage these queues;
  • Integration with the system of speech synthesis (You can provide integration with the Festival system);
  • Keeps call accounting records (CDRs) for integration with billing systems;

Integration with the speech recognition system (for example, with Sphinx Open Source voice recognition software).

How to Set up the Office PBX with IP-telephony function