Strange, but today not all recruiting companies or freelance recruiters have learned about a simple opportunity to make their lives and work easier by use of SMS-service.

Recruitment managers who work on freelancing, on the one hand, should sell their services to companies that pay them for each employee. On the other hand, their success depends directly on the candidates who are available. And in order not to miss either one or the other, it is important to act quickly.

Bulk SMS service can be considered a good choice if applied wisely. It allows you to organize your work more effectively. The most obvious thing that can be done is to divide contacts into groups. Companies (or individuals) can be divided according to the industry in which they work. For example, create a database of IT companies that are constantly looking for new coders and developers; a list of customers from the health sector who are interested in new professionals in this field; a list of customers from the restaurant business, waiters, cooks, etc.

When the right candidate appears, all you need to do is to inform the relevant companies via SMS. Do not forget to specify in the message how it is possible to learn details.

Of course, do not limit yourself to such a “dry” mailing. Once the work is done, that is, the vacancy is closed, you need to remind about yourself. For example, you can ask how do they feel about the candidate. Then ask if the company needs any more personnel.

And, of course, you can use the text to send congratulations on the professional or national holidays, birthdays, etc. but do not write in clichés! Call your subscribers by name, that is, use personalized mailing.

Do not forget about the candidates. They can and should also send out notifications about the vacant position and give a link to detailed information and/or phone number to contact you. The main thing here is to capture their attention. Think of a catchy message, because you are limited by the number of characters allowed per single SMS.

How to use Bulk SMS services in recruitment?