Asterisk IP-PBX server offers a system with all the possibilities of expensive systems, flexible, multifunctional and most importantly accessible to every IP PBX.

Asterisk IP-PBX system description

The main aspects of IP PBX server Asterisk IP-PBX:

  • Functionality – Asterisk IP-PBX server IP PBX is very rich in functionality and services, combined with high flexibility which is the most attractive element of IP-PBX systems.
  • Reliability – The IP PBX server Asterisk IP-PBX, operating on the basis of OS Unix, is itself a fairly reliable IP PBX.
  • In addition, the ability of an IP telephony server to duplicate the operation of another server on the network (in the case of failures) and the possibility of clustering them can significantly increase the fault tolerance of the network as a whole.
  • Accessibility is not less tempting after the functionality. This system is available for any campaign – regardless of its size and number of employees.

Asterisk IP-PBX – is an open source software product running on Linux and FreeBSD and is designed to create server IP PBXs and build telephone systems of any complexity based on the VoIP and TMDoE technologies. The Asterisk IP-PBX server was originally designed specifically for telephony VoIP, but with the help of special cards of the computer interface, Asterisk can connect to telephone networks via E1 PRI interfaces or analog lines, or work together with the existing PBX as a LAN and IP telephony gateway.

Asterisk performs all the functions of traditional PBX (PBX), has a large set of additional service functions, has virtually unlimited scalability and allows you to build solutions of different levels for completely different tasks and adapt them to the specific requirements of customers.

Asterisk supports almost all VoIP protocols – SIP / IAX / H.323 / MGCP / SCCP (which makes impossible to occur the incompatibility of IP phones and VoIP gateways connected to the server). Besides it supports a wide range of TDM protocols for processing and transmitting voice traffic through means traditional telephony, allows building a bridge between integrated next-generation voice and data networks and the existing telephony infrastructure.

Asterisk, in its basic configuration, already provides the functions of interactive voice menu (IVR), voice mail (VoiceMail), multi-party conferences and call routing services.

The Asterisk server is ideally suited for setting up a call center (Call Center, Call Center) or a simple office with a large number of internal subscribers, as a software switch for VoIP and LAN telephony. Most often Asterisk is used for corporate communication, connecting traditional and IP telephony networks in a single device. These features allow to unite the distributed offices of the company, regardless of distance, and to be a junction for corporate networks.

Among the features that distinguish Asterisk from any other competing products, the following should be noted:

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) – the routing, which allows you to connect Asterisk to several carriers at once, and enable you to choose the least expensive of the possible routes for long-distance or international calls;
  • Conferencing – built-in conferencing server, which allows you to unite, over one telephone conversation, subscribers located thousands of kilometers from each other;
  • Call Details Recording (CDR) – record information about calls stored in various formats and compatible with further processing, for example, for billing systems.
  • Open source – and, therefore, the ability to make changes to any functional part, the introduction of additional modules, processing of data on calls. It’s Linux, – everything is possible.

Once again we want to note that the Asterisk IP-PBX has the extreme flexibility and functionality of large and expensive systems, it has great scalability, has several levels of reliability enhancement and, due to its rather low implementation cost, is the most affordable IP PBX of this class at present. For specific tasks, you can improve the reliability of Asterisk IP-PBX through server duplication or clustering.

Which Business Solutions can be Implemented at Asterisk IP PBX